Country Cupboard

Puzzle #2!  This one was much easier to make and went quick.  We are now working on a glow in the dark pirate shipped manned by skeletons – just right for Halloween.

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The Romantic Vineyard

I wanted to take a moment and point you towards a website that is packed with wonderful ideas and links to more marriage growing sites.  I plan on incorporating their themed date nights into my personal LHWYCO repertoire!  But more than just a site dedicated to building strong marriages, The Romantic Vineyard has the glorifying of God at its heart.  This is evidenced throughout.  I would encourage you to take a trip over to the vineyard and explore – you will like what you find!

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Scavenger Hunt

This one is simple in concept, but has a high level of commitment for optimum effect.  Plan a Scavenger Hunt for your bride.  This is not necessarily something you will be able to do this week, but take the week to plan it for a date in the near future.  Think back to your high school days for inspiration.  Here are some thoughts to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Polaroid Pursuit – Of course, technology allows us to get even more creative, but use pictures as your clues.  Perhaps she could receive texts with pictures as each clue is resolved.

2. Traveling Dinner – Each clue leads to a different place to eat – one for each course of the meal

3. Old-fashioned – just write little rhyming riddles that give her hints as to where to go next.

Most likely you will want to be with her on the hunt, but to make it truly spectacular you will have to get others involved.  Friends are great, but involving willing strangers is even better.  Remember, mystery and anticipation is a big part of romancing your wife.  Have fun with it and don’t forget your camera to capture the fun.

In the mean time, pray with your wife this week.  Love her through a selfless commitment to worshiping God together through intercession and prayerful praise.

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I have purposely kept from discussing sex on this site because that comes too naturally for me!  But  a friend pointed me to an article that I wanted to share.  The topic is raising your kids in this ‘sex-twisted’ world, as the author puts it, but there are some great pointers in it for husbands who long for a better understanding of their wives.  Again, this is an article about helping your children in this area, but the undertones are fantastic.  You can read the entire article here, but I’ve pasted the first paragraph to whet your appetite.

Imagine living in a world where husbands wooed their wives with Adam’s passion—bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh—and sex was enjoyed. Imagine living in a world where, after the stress of each day, husbands and wives found comfort in sexual intimacy as David did with his wife after the death of their child. Imagine living in a world in which the only reason for not having sex with your marriage partner was the urgency of prayer. It would be a sex-crazed world.

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You are not enough!

Our spouses are social creatures, if you haven’t already figured that out.  Typically, they crave more interaction than we do and on varied levels.  And no matter how winsome and lovable we are, sometimes our fellowship is just not enough!  So plan to have friends over this week sometime.  This will involve some planning and some participation on your part.

Make sure you set aside some time to help prepare the house for company (vacuum, pick up clothes, make dinner, etc.) and work out beforehand what, if any, activities you will have.  This is all part of Christian hospitality, but it also helps nourish your wife’s desire to interact with other adults (especially important for those with small children).

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Picture Perfect

Here is a puzzle my wife and I recently finished.  It is a Ravensburger 500 pc titled “Mysterious Beauty”.  Puzzle making is a great past time for you and your spouse.  It allows for time together and time for communication.  If you’ve made one lately, send a pic in and we’ll post it.


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Make a list and check it twice

Take some time this week to make a list of 20 tasks that you could incorporate into your relationship with your spouse to communicate your love better.  Here’s the beauty of this: you have to know  your wife and what makes her tick to be successful in this endeavor. Make your list, check it twice and then implement it randomly into your routine.

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