Reward Her Labor

If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, it involves a good bit of football and eating.  And it also involves my wife working very hard in the kitchen – and not just on Thanksgiving day.  So whether you hosted the family at your house or went over to the in-laws, chances are your spouse worked hard this past holiday.  Reward your wife with a night out this week.  You may want to get her out with the girls or take her out with just yourself.  Or it may be wonderful to go out as a family.  Whatever you decide would most bless your wife, just make sure it is effortless for her.  Make a point of letting her know that you appreciate her labors.

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Stop, Look and Listen

This week’s assignment is simple in concept, but for most men difficult in application.  Carry on a conversation with your wife everyday of the week this week.  There are three key elements to a good conversation with your wife.

1. Stop.  Turn off the TV, lower the paper, close the book and walk away from the computer.  Let your wife be your only focus.

2. Look.  Make eye contact and do not be distracted by passing cars or the fly on the wall.

3. Listen.  Don’t just hear the noises coming out of her mouth, but engage your brain and respond accordingly.

You will be amazed at how much you can learn by good communication with your wife!

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A to Z

You may or may not know that the famous Proverbs 31 chapter is an acrostic.  It is an alphabetical commending of the qualities of this woman.  So here is your task for the week – read Proverbs 31 and then make up an A to Z list for your wife, praising her qualities. This assignment has many benefits.  You will spend much time dwelling on the positive traits of your wife.  You will have the opportunity to share your positive thoughts with your wife.  You will no doubt encourage her in her well-doing.

If you are truly daring, write it in verse or even sing it to her!  In the end, may it be an exercise that begins a discipline of Philippians 4:8 thinking towards your spouse.

She’s worth it!

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Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Ever seen the original Hunchback of Norte Dame?  If you have, you probably cannot help but remember the scene where Quasimodo reaches the church and bellows down, “Sanctuary!  Sanctuary!”  Of course, the details are a bit fuzzy for me as it was over 25 years ago when I last saw it, but the point was that he was safe in the church.

Your wife needs a sanctuary also.  She needs a place where she can go and be rescued from the ‘attacks’ of the day.  Make a place in your home that can be your wife’s sanctuary. The first place that comes to my mind is the bedroom.  Of course that may mean making some changes in lifestyle as well – as in no more children in bed with you.  That was cool in the first century, but this is the 21st and your children should be taught that Daddy and Mommy have a sacred place.  We all want to love our children with unconditional love.  But demonstrating a protectiveness for your wife’s sanity and emotional well-being will give your brood a stability that hardly anything else will.

Use your I Peter 3:7 skills and create an oasis (a personalized Engedi, if you will) that your wife can go to each day and unwind – and have fun with it!

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