Love the In-Laws

Whether your wife loves her family or simply tolerates them, you would do well to compliment them to her.  Obviously, insincere words will do more harm than good.  Perhaps you have said things in the past that were offensive that you need to ask forgiveness for or maybe you just haven’t been your in-law’s number one fan.  Whatever the case, take some time this week to let your wife know that you recognize that who she his has much to do with who they are and you are grateful for that.  You are not trying to earn favor, but turn your heart the way it should be going anyway.  And it may be that you can encourage your wife to reconcile with her parents if she is currently not honoring them.  Either way, you have an opportunity to grow and bless your wife!

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Talk it out.

How did last week go?  I know how hard it can be to talk with your spouse about areas where you see room for improvement.  Grace and humility are key.  I think it would be good this week to spend some time soaking in and memorizing Ephesians 4:29. Once you’ve done that, finish off any leftover business from last week.  It may be that you will have the opportunity to apologize for being insensitive or just open yourself up to some constructive criticism.  Either way, keep talking.

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How’s she doing?

A vital part of being a godly husband is encouraging your wife in a humble and understanding way towards holiness.  How has that been going for you?  One of the hardest tasks that we have as husbands is to humble ourselves and talk to our wives about their growth in Christ.  Satan will tempt you with thoughts of hypocrisy or apathy in order to keep you from your role as the spiritual leader.  We have to intentionally engage our wives regarding their maturing in Christ – no matter how far out of our comfort zone it takes us.  Take an evening this week and talk to your wife about her spiritual growth – in the specific areas of submission, respect and support.  Our culture wants to turn these concepts into dirty words, but they’re not.  Read over Ephesians 5:22-33; I Peter 3 and Genesis 2:18 with an attitude of humility.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your heart and speech to be graceful.  And be sure to heap much praise on your wife for the areas in which she excels and blesses you.

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Baked Zitti or Prime Rib?

If your house is anything like mine, your wife has probably done a good bit of cooking and hosting the past month.  Take a night this week and make your wife dinner. If you have children, you may have to plan a late dinner or put a movie in to keep them occupied.  Put a little creative effort into it and treat her to a night off this week.

And don’t forget your family goals for 2011!

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