After several years of keeping LHWYCO running, I have decided that my energies are better spent on the ministry that God has given me right here where I live.  Besides, there are many places to get encouragement of this sort.  My prayer for every husband is that they will work daily at loving their wives as Christ loves the church.  May the Lord pile on grace in your marriages.

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Dangerous Desserts

When it comes to confusing aspects of women, none can be more baffling than a woman’s relationship with her desserts.  They love ’em and they hate ’em!  They can’t stay away, but they hate the effects of too many delectable delights.  I remember as a young man my father telling me that if my wife wanted a second piece of cake, she should be able to have a second piece of cake without condemnation from me.  I’m not sure exactly what point he was trying to make, but I’m guessing he learned that particular lesson (like most of us learn our lessons) the hard way!

This week, treat  you wife to dessert.  Maybe it is homemade cookies or a pie you pick up at the grocery store on your way home.  Perhaps you will have the opportunity to take her out for dessert – maybe even The Melting Pot!  But you won’t be successful if you are not in tune with your wife.  If she is doing really well on her diet, don’t put her in a place of temptation.  There are plenty of healthy desserts.  You will just have to do some homework.  But that’s the point, isn’t it?  Research and study your wife so that you can better fulfill one of  the great commands of husbandry – live with your wife in an understanding way.

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Happy 4th!

This was supposed to have been published last week.  Great song with great lyrics.

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It’s All Fun and Games

Ok, so it’s not all fun and games.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into the fun and games part of your marriage.  A good card or board game can stimulate conversation and reconnect you with your spouse.  Think of a relaxing game of Wii golf or bowling to keep things lively!  Pick a night this week to dedicate to some fun and games with your lovely bride.  Who knows, this might just take you back to the dating years where competition was more about enjoying each other than beating each other!  Game on!

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