Happy 4th!

This was supposed to have been published last week.  Great song with great lyrics.

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Routine is not routine.

Every morning my wife and I have a routine.  The order of events may vary, but inevitably we end up with our bibles and coffee.  And even though we are both reading and/or praying, we always manage to get a few minutes of conversation in.  You and your wife may be tea drinkers or abstainers, but do not discount the routine moments in your life that carry great significance for your wife.  What we as husbands may call routine our wives will call essential.  Examine your daily routine and spot the times that are significant for your wife and then maximize them.  Or you may need to insert regular moments that will become essential.  Just take the time to think about what would make them essential and them implement them in a way that is, well, routine.

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Yet again.

Just like we need to constantly communicate our love to our wives, so we need to consistently pray with them.  This is one of my weaknesses as the leader of my home, but it is such a vital part of a strong relationship.  There is no other activity that can take the cares of your life and the conflicts with your wife and put them to rest like prayer.  It is not a magic spell you cast, but it is taking your wife to the throne of the God of the universe.  There you can bare you souls, confess your sins, bury your burdens and rejoice in the greatest love known to man.  What else on earth can offer you and your lover that experience?  So do it.  Pray with your wife every day this week.

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