Financial Woes

Have you ever struggled with finances?  Have you every fought with your spouse over finances?  I’m guessing you have.  But whether you are on top of things or buried beneath them, now is the time to step up and take charge.  Your wife needs to know you are willing to commit to a financial plan and to work that plan with her.  Take a night this week to either continue in the good practices you have already established or begin the foundation work in creating a budget and setting goals.  Loving your wife means caring about every aspect of your relationship and leading her towards a godly attitude with regards to each aspect.

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Top Ten

Play this game with your wife: Make a list of ten things that you could have a favorite of – color, author, movie, song, etc.  Sit down with your wife one night this week and have each of you fill the list out for the other and see how you do.  The one with the most right answers wins!  This will give you the opportunity to learn not only about what your wife likes, but also why she likes what she does.  Have a great time with this easy, fun and engaging game.

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Yet again.

Just like we need to constantly communicate our love to our wives, so we need to consistently pray with them.  This is one of my weaknesses as the leader of my home, but it is such a vital part of a strong relationship.  There is no other activity that can take the cares of your life and the conflicts with your wife and put them to rest like prayer.  It is not a magic spell you cast, but it is taking your wife to the throne of the God of the universe.  There you can bare you souls, confess your sins, bury your burdens and rejoice in the greatest love known to man.  What else on earth can offer you and your lover that experience?  So do it.  Pray with your wife every day this week.

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Watch your words

Jesus said, “I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak . . .”

We live in a day where we often weigh our words and actions by the letter of the law.  We speak critically, but carefullyso as not to be condemned if brought into a court of law.  This is not the spirit a Christian husband ought to have.

Read through James 3, spend some time in prayer and study over it and then confess to your wife where you have offended her.  For I don’t think it is a matter of ‘if’ we have offended, but when did we offend.

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Love Notes

Whether it is by text, e-mail, snail-mail or sticky note, let your wife know how much you love her with a ‘love note’ at least 5 times this week.  What more needs to be said, right?  🙂

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Beat Her Up

Maybe this will not be applicable for you, but more often than not my wife is the first one out of bed.  So pick a day this week to put a little plan into action.  Get up before your wife does and take care of some of her ‘responsibilities’ for her.  By starting breakfast, getting the kids going or just getting the water hot in the shower for her you will be starting her day off with a big ‘I love you’.

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Movie Night!

This one is simple.  Using your vast knowledge of what makes your wife tick, pick out a movie you think she would like to watch with you – and then do so. Once you have enjoyed the film together, take a moment to see how you did.  Discuss with her what she did and/or did not like about the film.  Use your discussion to further your understanding of your spouse so that you can better love and serve her.

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Using Your Tongue

I was kindly reminded by a dear friend this morning that my words regarding my wife should always be edifying.  No brainer – right?  And yet, at a dinner party this past Saturday I spoke carelessly.  My friend’s admonition allowed me to 1.) see a point of pride in my life and 2.) talk with my wife about my words.  The good thing is that she did not take offense at what I said and we are great.  The bad thing is that words, poorly spoken, will impact each hearer differently.  What you say may not be offensive to everyone, but what your words communicate is more than just mechanical interpretation.  (And the truth is that my words, though not directly offensive to my wife, were spoken out of a spirit that was not right.)  So I thank my friend for his willingness to confront me and for providing post material that does not so often come with such ease!

Talk with your wife this week about 1.) how your speech may consistently offend her (especially in public) and 2.) how you can improve your verbal love and respect for her.  Do all of this in light of Ephesians 4:29

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. (Ephesians 4:29 ESV)

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Memorize some Scripture

This one is as powerful as it is simple.  Pick a verse and begin memorizing it this week with your wife.  I have always found that a great way to memorize is to take some time up front and study the passage.  This will open up some great insight into your wife’s heart and allow you to share your own.  The key is follow-through.  Set a schedule to work on the verse together and help each other be diligent.  Next to prayer time, this is one of the most important activities you can engage your spouse in.

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Have a Chat

Spend a few minutes every day talking with your wife.  Make sure you have a few interrupted minutes and just ask them about their day.  Maybe it can be over dinner or after dinner while you help with the dishes.  But ask questions that show your interest and cannot be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Your wife most likely loves to talk, so take a few minutes every day this week and connect with her through conversation without distraction.

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