It’s All Fun and Games

Ok, so it’s not all fun and games.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into the fun and games part of your marriage.  A good card or board game can stimulate conversation and reconnect you with your spouse.  Think of a relaxing game of Wii golf or bowling to keep things lively!  Pick a night this week to dedicate to some fun and games with your lovely bride.  Who knows, this might just take you back to the dating years where competition was more about enjoying each other than beating each other!  Game on!

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Top Ten

Play this game with your wife: Make a list of ten things that you could have a favorite of – color, author, movie, song, etc.  Sit down with your wife one night this week and have each of you fill the list out for the other and see how you do.  The one with the most right answers wins!  This will give you the opportunity to learn not only about what your wife likes, but also why she likes what she does.  Have a great time with this easy, fun and engaging game.

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