Happy 4th!

This was supposed to have been published last week.  Great song with great lyrics.

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Movie Night!

This one is simple.  Using your vast knowledge of what makes your wife tick, pick out a movie you think she would like to watch with you – and then do so. Once you have enjoyed the film together, take a moment to see how you did.  Discuss with her what she did and/or did not like about the film.  Use your discussion to further your understanding of your spouse so that you can better love and serve her.

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I have purposely kept from discussing sex on this site because that comes too naturally for me!  But  a friend pointed me to an article that I wanted to share.  The topic is raising your kids in this ‘sex-twisted’ world, as the author puts it, but there are some great pointers in it for husbands who long for a better understanding of their wives.  Again, this is an article about helping your children in this area, but the undertones are fantastic.  You can read the entire article here, but I’ve pasted the first paragraph to whet your appetite.

Imagine living in a world where husbands wooed their wives with Adam’s passion—bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh—and sex was enjoyed. Imagine living in a world where, after the stress of each day, husbands and wives found comfort in sexual intimacy as David did with his wife after the death of their child. Imagine living in a world in which the only reason for not having sex with your marriage partner was the urgency of prayer. It would be a sex-crazed world.

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