Pray for Her

Whether you are frustrated, rejoicing or apathetic, there is a healing and peace-inducing power that comes with praying for your wife.  Take special time everyday this week to pray for your wife specifically.  If you do not know what to pray, you may have to spend some time talking with your wife – another good exercise!

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Yet again.

Just like we need to constantly communicate our love to our wives, so we need to consistently pray with them.  This is one of my weaknesses as the leader of my home, but it is such a vital part of a strong relationship.  There is no other activity that can take the cares of your life and the conflicts with your wife and put them to rest like prayer.  It is not a magic spell you cast, but it is taking your wife to the throne of the God of the universe.  There you can bare you souls, confess your sins, bury your burdens and rejoice in the greatest love known to man.  What else on earth can offer you and your lover that experience?  So do it.  Pray with your wife every day this week.

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Will it improve my sex life?

That’s the question that sometimes runs through my mind when I’m working on loving my wife with my clothes on.  It’s hard to get away from thinking that if I love my wife like I should, she will do the same.  A mind bent on reciprocity can destroy a marriage.   But that kind of falls into the James 4 problem where men were sinning to get what they wanted instead of asking God for it.  And when they did ask God, they still didn’t get what they wanted because their hearts were all wrong – it was all for themselves.  Where is all of this going?  We have to do what is right in loving our wives regardless of anything else.  So will this week’s task improve your sex life?  I don’t know, but I do know you should be doing it.  Pray with your wife everyday this week. There is no guarantee that your sex life will change, but your life will.

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Lead Me by Sanctus Real

If you have not heard this song, give it a prayerful listen.

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