Sticky-it to ’em!

Leave you wife an encouraging note in a place she is sure to find it.  The key to this task is to understand your wife well enough to have the note you leave actually be encouraging. This means you have to be up-to-date with her and what is going on in her life.  Hint:  positive words combined with Scripture are awesome!

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Memorize some Scripture

This one is as powerful as it is simple.  Pick a verse and begin memorizing it this week with your wife.  I have always found that a great way to memorize is to take some time up front and study the passage.  This will open up some great insight into your wife’s heart and allow you to share your own.  The key is follow-through.  Set a schedule to work on the verse together and help each other be diligent.  Next to prayer time, this is one of the most important activities you can engage your spouse in.

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